Alan Wake – Review

When I first saw a video of Alan Wake in early 2010 I was amazed to learn that the game was being developed for the past 5 years.

How did this game creep under my radars was one question I asked myself and it quickly became one of my most anticipated games for 2010?

Background: Without giving too much away, Alan Wake is a best selling author whose books are inspired from strange dreams he has ever since meeting his wife.

After suffering from writer’s block, Alan and his wife decide to take a vacation, while on vacation, his wife is kidnapped and this is where, the ‘darkness’ begins.


Thoughts: Alan Wake is not your typical horror game, in fact it is not your typical game period; the gameplay can be regarded as repetitive with the same technique employed throughout to eliminate bad guys while you try to find your wife and seek answers, but what makes this game special…. is the story.

While you play, several questions will come to mind, is this a dream? Are these things for real? Is Alan now a victim of his own creativity and has finally lost it?

Coupled with the ambiance of the game, and the stunning sound track that compliments the mood perfectly and we have ourselves a winner.

Verdict: Whilst this game may not appease to everyone, I think it definitely deserves credit for the direction it took; straying away from the norm and is a must play, if simply to see how video games are slowly evolving into well scripted ‘movies’.

I give it a 8/10.



I am a PC

I am a PC

I am a PC

Every now and then, my life feels like a blue screen of death,
Crashed with no apparent way forward,
But like a PC, despite all things I have always persevered,
With the assistance of that magical reset button.

Hitting the reset button however does come at a cost,
Lost time that can never be loaded from disk,
Because unlike a PC, I am just a human.

Next time I am getting a MAC.


Great, just fucking great, talk about timing. Tomorrow the demo for my most anticipated game (Forza 3) in years drops on xbox live and my x360 decides to die on me.

Screw you microsoft, your hardware sucks but the games available and XBL are so good I can’t help but buy another one.


If not now

Maybe in the next lifetime

^ Obligation ^

Obligation as defined by define.com is a binding power, contract, oath, or vow, or of law which constitues legal or moral duty.

Today I asked myself, where there is no contract, no oath, no vow and no law,
what creates this binding power?

Why does the fortunate feel obligated to help the less fortunate?
Why does the teenager feel obligated to help the old lady cross the road?
Why do I feel obligated to show you kindness because you are my friend?
So why do I now feel like an ass?
I will tell you why…. obligation results in actions being taken for granted.
After all, aren’t we obligated to do them?

What creates this binding power and who creates it?
Tell me I really need to know.

: Let me be great :

Passion of Kanye West

Passion of Kanye West

You want me to be great, but you don’t ever want me to say I’m great?

Those were the words uttered by Kanye after he posed as Jesus for a Rolling Stone cover. I have always admired Kanye’s openness and I believe he is one of the best Rap Artists ever, his talent for creating music is unquestionable but after seeing Kanye do the unthinkable on Saturday I have lost so much respect for him.

He has repeatedly stated that he wants to be great but part of being great is knowing when to be humble.

Lost Child

A lost child wanders alone,
Wondering why the world is so unkind,
Searching his thoughts trying to find a home,
But yet can’t help but feel confined.

A lost child wanders in the dark,
Trying as best as possible not to be seen,
While actively trying to make his mark,
Can’t help but wonder why everyone is so mean.

A lost child begins to lose esteem,
Confused, but he was taught to be strong,
Fears bottled in so you can’t hear him scream,
But tries his best to move along.

A lost child learns to accept what he cannot change,
And the differences in how people behave,
While at the same time his life he begins to rearrange,
Slowly taking the journey outside of his cave.

A lost child becomes a man,
No longer afraid of the big bad world,
His past he tries to forget as best as he can,
With the help of that special girl.

A lost child’s biggest fear,
Greater than going back to being an exile,
Is the realization that a world that doesn’t care,

Will always produce another lost child.

Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.